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Marabirch is an organization dedicated to the support and development of accountants, bookkeepers, ProAdvisors and Business Owners in Canada and around the world. Through our online communities, QB-HQ for Accountants & Bookkeepers and Quickbooks-HQ for Business Owners, we provide valuable, business-changing resources, events, and education that empower our members to evolve in this ever-changing market and set them up to succeed.

We have built partnerships with many apps that work within the QuickBooks environment for the benefit of our members, providing unique access to development and support. We are a professional, inclusive, collaborative community that prides itself on authentic connection, innovation, and advice you can trust.

Community is the key to our success.

Since 2015 QB-HQ has been a rapidly growing online community for tips, tricks, education, and support for accountants and bookkeepers using QuickBooks and the apps with which it integrates.

With over 2,700 members and still growing, we are a community that supports and encourages each other, keeping each other accountable for the success of our clients and ourselves.

Marabirch, through QB-HQ, focuses on high-quality education in software knowledge and best practices in the accounting and bookkeeping industry. We believe that with the right training, tools, and support, we can help entrepreneurs and SMBs to thrive.

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What’s in a name?

Marabirch is derived from two words: mara and birch. Mara means ‘woman’ in Maltese. We are proud to be an organization founded and run by women and are passionate about seeing more women in leadership roles.

The birch tree is distinctive and stands out in a forest the same way we see the QB-HQ community standing out in our industry.

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