To ensure the success of our members, we have partnered with trusted software providers and applications to try to help narrow down all of the possible options to the very best products for you to use.

Trusted Partners

Intuit’s mission is to Power Prosperity Around the World. Its global products and platforms, including TurboTax, QuickBooks, Mint and Turbo, are designed to empower consumers, self-employed, and small businesses to improve their financial lives, finding them more money with the least amount of work, while giving them complete confidence in their actions and decisions. Intuit’s innovative ecosystem of financial management solutions serves partners and 46 million customers worldwide, unleashing the power of many for the prosperity of one.

Our Technology is Transforming Bookkeeping. The Receipt Bank Group has been revolutionising accounting for small business since we were founded in 2010. We began life as the first software company to automate the collection and data extraction of receipts and invoices. Today, we provide technology that unlocks the value of accounting data, automates the bookkeeping process and helps build more valuable accountant-client relationships. Our award-winning AI and automation technologies are used by over 5,000 accounting & bookkeeping firms and tens of thousands of small business customers globally, who in turn benefit from cost savings, effortless bookkeeping, and real-time accounting. Backed by Insight Venture Partners and Kennet Partners, adopted by hundreds of new firms every month and growing 100%+ year on year, Receipt Bank is transforming bookkeeping.

TSheets by QuickBooks is the cloud-based time tracking and scheduling solution that’s changing the way over 500,000 users in over 100 countries track and manage employee time. TSheets was acquired by Intuit in early 2018. Together, TSheets and Intuit bring smarter business solutions to the world’s hardest workers. Accessible from mobile apps and the web, TSheets features GPS location tracking, customizable overtime alerts, employee scheduling, and seamless integrations with leading accounting and payroll software solutions — plus much, much more! TSheets by QuickBooks is simple and intuitive, making it a tool employees love — and love to use! With more than 250 million timesheets processed and over 6,000 five-star reviews, you don’t have to take our word for it.

Aero gives you the tools you need to take your firm’s knowledge capital and put it to work. Your processes and procedures are integrated with your tasks, making your firm efficient, scalable and profitable. With Aero, you’re confident that client work won’t slip through the cracks. One-time projects, recurring tasks, client emergencies — even email – are all seamlessly integrated into one list, so you and your staff have a clear view of what needs to get done today. With Aero, you have a clear overview of all client work: what’s done, what’s in progress and what’s about to be overdue. Aero’s integrated time tracking allows you to spot scope creep while it’s happening. Aero’s management reports help you to manage your practice with insights into metrics like staff performance and project job costing.

Everlance helps the growing workforce of freelancers increase their take home pay and manage all the additional headaches the come with being your own boss. Our first product is an expense tracking app that allows you to easily record all of your mileage and other business related expenses for tax purposes.

WayPay is a payments platform for businesses. WayPay lets you access and combine any of your bank accounts or credit cards into a single source of funds to pay any business expense, in any currency, to anyone, in any way, from anywhere — even from your phone. WayPay is the first payments platform in Canada that allows businesses to easily, efficiently and cost effectively make payments for any and all of their business expenses from one easy to use platform while combining all available funding types.

Approved Apps is a conversational analytics assistant that helps users access, search and analyze data. The days of fumbling through multiple spreadsheets and tricky technology are over. We help you use your own words to interact with data so you can get immediate answers, make confident decisions, and get more done.

At we believe it’s not about what artificial intelligence can do but what YOU can do with artificial intelligence (like, being more awesome at work!).

One software to run your entire business operations. Free up time for work that matters when you use Jobber to help organize your field service business and manage your mobile team. Jobber software helps home service businesses quote, schedule, invoice, and get paid—faster. Thousands of residential cleaning, lawn care, plumbing, pest control, tree care, HVAC businesses and more trust Jobber to run their day-to-day operations.

Whether you want to pay vendors or get paid by your clients, Plooto makes the process hassle-free. Connect Plooto with your accounting software to auto-load upcoming bills and invoices. Reduce data entry and errors with ready-made payments. Set up and customize your payment approval process in Plooto. Approve payments quickly from anywhere with a click.  Send an email through Plooto to initiate the transfer and payments are sent directly from one bank account to the other. It’s completely secure with no need to share sensitive financial information or deal with documents. Once the payment is complete, Plooto automatically marks invoices as “Paid” in your accounting software. No need to match payments with statements anymore. No confusing interfaces or varying processes – just set up your payment, and wait for the funds to transfer.

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